Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Let’s hope it stays that way for the rest of Mike Martin’s tenure at Florida State.

The arch-rival Miami Hurricanes ended the Seminoles season… again. Regardless of whether the Canes can come back to win it all, there is a sense of satisfaction sending Florida State home early after a 7-5 win on Monday.

Miami’s last two-and-out in 23 College World Series appearances was in 1979, while this is the fourth “0-and-2 and a barbecue” on Martin’s resume in 13 trips to Omaha.

Florida State provided some fireworks in the ninth, rallying from a 7-2 deficit and making it 7-5, with the bases juiced and the potential winning run on first.

Carlos Gutierrez finally got that much anticipated third out, ending the rally after giving up four hits, two walks and three runs. When the ended, Miami players and coaches let out their collective sigh of relief, congratulated each other and then lined up for the traditional high-five train at home plate.

Jim Morris waited behind his team for a visit from the opposing head coach, but it never came.

While Miami and Florida State bid adieu on the field, one individual chose to sit out this portion of the game; Martin.

The sixth all-time winningest coach in NCAA Division-I college baseball history chose to watch from the dugout, instead of doing what he’s seen done in thousands of games as a head coach and player – offering congratulations to the winning bunch, or accepting if his team was victorious.

Everything anyone wants to know about Martin was summed up Monday afternoon when ESPN’s cameras panned to a 64-year old man pouting in the dugout like a six-year old girl who just had her Barbie taken away.

Martin is another fossil that’s overstayed his welcome in the college game. He sees the hands of time turning and knows each season in Omaha might be his last. He wants one title on his resume and his talented squad squandered away another chance in 2008, blowing game one to Stanford and leaving an NCAA-record 17 runners stranded on base against Miami.

Instead of blaming himself, he chose to take it out on the team who broke his heart this year and did the same in the 1999 championship game; Miami.

Morris and the Canes are such a thorn in Martin’s side, it makes him sick. Florida State is the big time state school with the big time state funding, yet the little private school in Coral Gables is the one with four rings and the real tradition.

When Miami heads north to Mike Martin Field at Dick Howser Stadium, it’s never a spirited competition. Noles fans shout obscenities and racial slurs towards the Hispanic contingent on the Canes’ squad – too ignorant to realize the majority of their own team are of Hispanic decent as well.

The Canes took the regular season series in Tallahassee this year, 2-1, despite the atmosphere. An ‘almost brawl’ that incurred when Martin’s sour bunch lost 11-10 in game three, shortened due to a travel curfew.

Like their class act coach in Omaha, the Noles stayed in the dugout on April 20th, refusing to shake hands with the Canes when the game ended prematurely, on a called third strike in the seventh. Miami started a little bit of uncalled for taunting and only then did Florida State get off their collective ass and decide to ‘meet’ at home plate.

Like a rotten fish, the Noles baseball program stinks from the head down. Martin’s true colors are coming out as he’s getting older and more bitter as each title-less year passes. Monday’s dugout performance is just one more reason to hate Florida State if you don’t already.

As for this article? Just another Cane trying to point out what the national media chooses to miss. Karl Ravich and Robin Ventura mentioned Martin staying in the dugout at game’s end, but neither put Old Man River on blast for his antics, afraid to speak out against the legendary head coach, much like college football analysts are too afraid to call b.s. on Bobby Bowden for his laid back approach to disciplining thug players.

Enjoy the flight back home Noles and enjoy the 0-and-2 BBQ Brisket Special, Miami style.

7 thoughts on “You stay classy, Mike Martin…

  1. This should be one of those Visa “Priceless” commercials. There is nothing better than beating FSU in anything, but especially when it sends them home for the year. This seems to really come as no surprise to Canes fans seeing how the series ended in Tallah-ASS-ee. Sore losers all the way around. If you don’t want to shake hands no matter how bitter the loss is, fine, we’ll celebrate by ourselves on your field. If you don’t like it, you should have beaten us or shook hands like everyone else does. Keep showing your ass FSU. Football, baseball, makes no difference. You’d think by now they’d be used to losing to us. Just know that we own you when it all comes down to it. Coaches lead by example and I blame this old bag more than the players. They are just following his lead. It’s a shame really, but we are the #1 team for a reason. We may not win it all, but this win is so sweet. Getting that reaction from the FSU coach lets me know that he’ll not soon get over it. Good.
    -Columbus Cane

  2. Delicious, Brisket served with a side of Buster slaw ‘Cane style!

    You can’t forget that the semiholes set two distinct records in Omaha for 2008.

    Most runs in the 9th inning and the 17 runners left on base.

  3. rich – A rather weak retort from I expected a better argument from the FSU brethren.

    Either way, thanks for the heads up. I responded in the comments section and will repost here as well:

    Come on now. This is all you’ve got?

    That walkie-talkie stuff sounds like sour grapes from Martin. Nothing was ever substantiated and you’re pulling out a 4+ year old article to sell your argument? One from the Lazer Collazo era? That’s all you have? Speculation?

    You want fact? How about the cheat sheet that fell out of Mike Martin Jr.’s pocket along the first base line years back? The one with Miami’s signs on it? At least that’s FACT and not heresy.

    Your article is a joke. You’re pulling out ancient history and you’re playing the “he did it, so we did it” card. Even IF your accusation were true, do two wrongs really make a right? If Mike Martin really is a class act and a college baseball legend, what does it say for him that he’s a poor sport? If he were really the ‘better’ man, as you imply – he’d do the right thing and shake an opponent’s hand regardless of how he perceived the past.

    Fact, Martin isn’t the class act you wish he was.

    Another fact, Miami ended your season, beat you 3 of 4 games this year and has four rings to FSU’s goose egg.

    Even if/when Miami is sent packing in the next few days, it’s still another year when the Canes had the Noles’ number….

    As for any classless Canes when the Noles have been to Mark Light – as you said, both fan bases have their share of idiots. Difference is, Miami fans never play the race card. The fact that Florida State supporters would show their blatantly racist ways and insult Hispanic players (when you have your own share of Hispanics on your squad) – it’s absolutely moronic and beyond ironic. There’s absolutely no place for racism in college sports and it’s pathetic that the folks in Tallahassee choose to “go there” and insult folks simply for not being born on American soil. — Canes305

  4. First i will start by saying I am a Fan of both programs in all sports. I grew up in Miami and I work for FSU. When they play each other I do pull for Miami. Here is my take on the Handshake gate…
    Any NCAA head coach is responsible for setting an example for his kids (remember they are just kids) I give Mike credit he did send his kids out and even saw Weeks an FSU player hug which was nice to see good sports congratulate each other. I’m not saying they have to like each other but make a show of it for the kids. I don’t care who the coach is, Sportsmanship needs to come first not this crybaby “She took my Doll when I was six” crap. If he wont congratulate the coach he could have congratulated the Kids on the field and not smeared the FSU name as he did.

    NoleCC all the die hard FSU fans in my work place agree with this and acknowledge Martin as being Classless about it so maybe you are the only one in Nole nation standing with martin in the Dugout.

    Cane @ FSU

  5. While as A nole fan I agree this is classless but that’s get one thing straight here you guys do get the best of us in football and I admit it but I would hardly say it’s a one way streak we whipped Miami plenty of times and you guys have the thorns to show it Columbus Cane

    SI nole and I’m out!

  6. While as A nole fan I agree this is classless but that’s get one thing straight here you guys do get the best of us in football and I admit it but I would hardly say it’s a one way streak we whipped Miami plenty of times and you guys have the thorns to show it Columbus Cane

    SI Nole, I hear you. Florida State v. Miami is a spirited rivalry on the football field and it’s 5 titles to 2, as compared to 4-0 on the diamond.

    Columbus’ point is probably due to Miami winning 19 of the past 30 football match ups – not to mention, the heartbreaking fashion in which the games were lost for the Noles and the cut shots to Bobby’s face everytime that kick sailed right or left in ’91, ’92, ’00, ’02 or the 04 Orange Bowl.

    Florida State’s only real “dominance” or streak against Miami came when the Canes were on probation and stripped of scholarships (1995-1999). Other than that, the series has weighed heaving in the Canes favor — especially in the big games where the teams were evenly matched and highly ranked.

    Miami seems to have Florida State’s number MUCH more often than the other way around.