A reminder that our “Are U An Original?” contest runs through February 6th—where seven allCanes gift cards will be awarded to super-fans who submit pics of them rocking our custom designs.

Our allCanes Original Designs began hitting our shelves soon after that 1983 national championship. An era before Nike was synonymous with The U, allCanes helped fill the apparel void but…

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College football season is over, National Signing Day is around the corner, a back-up quarterback earned MVP honors, men’s basketball is coming off a colossal upset and Sun Life Stadium is getting a much-needed facelift.

Lots going down a few weeks into the new year. Let’s dive in with the latest at “The U”:

A sane person would start off with Miami’s…

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Limping into the new year after four consecutive losses and on the heels of a six-win season, frustration has resulted in mostly silence, misdirection or lashing out regarding of University of Miami athletics.

While other proud programs are in the process of shaking it up this off-season, things have remained relatively quiet around “The U”.

All signs point to head coach Al Golden returning…

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