denver kirkland miami hurricanes booker t washington scholarship recruitingThe Intrawebs and social media sites are ablaze tonight as the Miami Hurricanes no longer have a scholarship available for Booker T. Washington four-star offensive lineman Denver Kirkland.

A ton of “SMH” gibberish and talk of Miami’s pipeline to a local high school being “damaged for years to come”, as if fans have any clue what happened behind the scenes.

Kirkland had…

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miami hurricanes i stand with the u #istandwiththeu allcanes florida state james coley al golden ncaa sanctionsIn due time, fans of the Miami Hurricanes will look back at this past week fondly as this was when “the shift” took place. That moment in time where the universe seemed to somewhat correct itself, with things finally going back in the favor of the orange and green.

Make no mistake, it isn’t all a result of dumb luck, right…

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The 2012 highlight reel is finally live courtesy of Canefreak2001. Check it out below. All the best moments of this past season, year two of the Al Golden era, are now here in one place.

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james coley florida state coordinator miami hurricanesMy oh my, things remain interesting for the Miami Hurricanes. As if Wednesday’s NCAA flub, as well as the basketball squad’s win over top-ranked Duke weren’t enough, UM went out and poached FSU’s offensive coordinator for the trifecta.

The rumor started floating around days back, but on Thursday it became official – Miami native James Coley has spurned Florida State and is…

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ncaa president mark emmert investigation university of miami donna shalala nevin shapiro scandalStarted writing about today’s NCAA bombshell regarding the case against Miami and while pecking away, more news has come to light as NCAA president Mark Emmert has held two teleconferences to discuss the improper conduct of his organization.

Going to let the story continue to unfold before writing an editorial on the subject, but until then, check out what some national writers…

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