Nothing like getting that Thursday night win under your belt, paving the way for a stress-free Saturday as other teams battle it out.

A few times per seasons there’s one of “those” weekends. Upsets. Close games. Comebacks. Lackadaisical effort. Mistakes. Freak plays. This was one of those weekends and again, a good feeling to know your Miami Hurricanes already had that…

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Thanks to our friend Rusty98UM for putting together this great Miami Hurricanes highlight reel from Thursday’s explosive 31-3 win at Pittsburgh:

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

For all the preseason hype about Pittsburgh as Big East frontrunners and Dion Lewis being a Heisman candidate, the Panthers looked like the same outmatched bunch they were a decade ago when Miami consistently pounded them as conference rivals.

For the Canes it goes down as a convincing 31-3 win; especially for…

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The proverbial phrase “must win” game. It’s uttered on a weekly basis by fans nationwide but what does it even mean? What happens if said team doesn’t win? Does time stop? Does the world come crashing down?

Technically speaking, no – but to a fan base it can feel that way at times.

The Miami Hurricanes are clinging to their top 20…

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I have bad memories when it comes to Thursday night games in Pittsburgh.

I guess I should blame my parents since they decided to have me in 1976. Most would think that was a cool thing, after all I’m a bicentennial baby. Just two months into my life, there were fireworks galore everywhere. However, what my parents didn’t realize is that…

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