For the first time in a year I went down to ‘The U’ for a game week Media Day. Media Day is normally on Tuesdays, but since this week’s game is on a Thursday the schedule moved back a bit. After leaving the Hurricane Radio Network in August of last year, I needed a break from the grind of UM…

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It’s here. Kickoff is this Thursday. All the chatter — the message boards rants, pre-season rags, over the top radio shows and TV talking heads — all that information overload has simply been filler. The main course is finally here.

Amazing how much more difficult the off-seasons are these days. You think it’d be easier with all the non-stop, around the…

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I’ve wasted $25 in worse ways, right?

If I lose, I lose. If Miami wins, that’s two bottles of Blue Label, a grip of Advil and a case of water.

Go Canes.

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Media guides. They have a shelf life of a year and about 96% of the information inside is the same as last year – outside some new players / coaches, last year’s game recaps, this year’s schedule and a few new stats.

The most exciting part is the crispness (any of us who actually ‘use’ the media guides know how tattered…

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“Blogging with allCanes Radio”
Phil de Montmollin,

First, thanks to the Bello family and allCanes general manager Harry Rothwell for providing the ideal platform to launch allCanes Radio. allCanes (formerly All Sports) has been loyal to the Miami Hurricanes for over fifty years and has produced over the years some of the most original, and often witty, merchandise in all of…

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