The guys at Rakontur are gearing up to release “The U” on DVD mid-August and to help build hype, they’re releasing some bonus footage and deleted scenes online.

The clip below warrants some discussion as it talks about the intangible that has always made Hurricanes tougher than the guys across the line; the sweltering South Florida heat.

It was said that then head…

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What’s up Hurricane Nation? Another hot, steamy summer down here in South Florida and while I prefer to stay inside and soak up the air conditioning, I embrace the heat.

OK, I don’t embrace it, but I do welcome it because I know some good will come from it. While I’m inside, our boys are out there at Greentree sweating their…

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Take it from a Canes fan, Trojans. Welcome to your five-year prison sentence. Do your time quietly, stay out of trouble, remain humble, seek reform and pray for better days.

After all your recent success, I know you don’t want to believe what’s coming. Back in 1994, I didn’t either. I was a 20-year old lad who’d just seen my Miami…

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Our GM Harry Rothwell sent over the following email regarding last night’s allCanes iPhone app launch party on Wednesday night:

“First off, a special thanks to everyone who showed up last night. There were just under a hundred diehard Cane fans who made the trek to Smoke’t Southern Kitchen in Coral Gables and it was an orange and green-themed evening in the…

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