Media guides. They have a shelf life of a year and about 96% of the information inside is the same as last year – outside some new players / coaches, last year’s game recaps, this year’s schedule and a few new stats.

The most exciting part is the crispness (any of us who actually ‘use’ the media guides know how tattered and torn they are by year’s end), the new layout and the fancy fresh cover every year.

Looking at the Miami Hurricanes football 2010 media guide, something immediately jumped out me this year; the accolades. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a UM football media guide chock full of big name players and breakout guys.

In 2007, the focus was Randy Shannon. (Seriously, what else was there after Coker bottomed out?) Up front, an image of the new coach posing on a helmet. In the background, shots of his playing days, grad assistant days and as defensive coordinator as well as the reminder – 1987 national champion linebacker, 1991 national champion graduate assistant and 2001 national champion defensive coordinator. Without the talent on the field, UM was letting fans know that at least the guy in charge knew how to win.

In 2008, a white cover with an outstretched arm holding up a Miami helmet – which is usually done after a victory, of which there were only five the previous year. On the back, an artist rendition of what then Dolphin Stadium could look like someday … if millions of dollars were poured into it. The underlying theme; building for the future. Especially with the artist pic, as fans needed home months after the beloved Orange Bowl was torn down, going out with that 48-0 thud at the hands of Virginia.

For 2009, the athletic department tried to distract you with a media guide that resembled a kids toy – with three-dimensional graphics depending which way you held it or moved it. Up front an oversized “U” and a storm. Underneath, the five national championship rings and reminder that “it’s all about The U”.

On the back, ten players – none of which were from the Shannon era. It was all about past UM greats in their Cane unis … but when turned, they were in their pro uniforms. Another reminder that despite the recent success, this is still NFL U.

With the 2010 opener on the horizon, there’s a sense of hope with the new media guide, crazy as that may sound. It’s the first time in years that current Canes are featured – seven up front and seven on the back.

The cover touts the seven UM guys who have earned pre-season honors and hype. More focus is put on the present, than reveling in the past.

Next to the pic of Jacory Harris, a reminder that he’s a Davey O’Brien Award Candidate and Manning Award Candidate.

Posted next to the menacing glare of Orlando Franklin, Outland Trophy Watch List and Lombardi Award Candidate.

Allen Bailey is touted as a Preseason All America, Nagurski Trophy Watch List, Ted Hendricks Award Candidate and Lombardi Award Candidate.

Brandon Harris is the other UM Preseason All America and is also a Jim Thorpe Award Candidate and made the Nagurski Trophy Watch List.

Colin McCarthy is a Butkus Award Candidate, Leonard Hankerson is a Biletnikoff Award Candidate and Matt Bosher earned both a spot on the Lou Groza Award Watch List and Ray Guy Award Watch List, pulling double duty as both kicker and punter.

The back cover features pics of current and future stars Damien Berry, Sean Spence, Graig Cooper, Travis Benjamin, LaRon Byrd, Marcus Robinson and Joel Figueroa, proving beyond a doubt that this is Shannon’s most talented and loaded roster in the previous three years.

The 2010 Miami Hurricanes football media guide is currently in stock, but in limited quantity as UM only sent over a handful for us. Click here to get yours now while supplies last.

Six more days.

9 thoughts on “2010 Miami Football media guide is telling…

  1. "More focus is put on the present, than reveling in the past."

    I think this is the most important line to this blog.

    As a long time die hard cane fan, I love the "U"s past. As hard to live up to as any legacy for any team for any sport, but I WANT TO WIN NOW. I am sick of losing at home. I understand on the road, but We need to embrace Joe Robbie Stadium the way that We did the Orange Bowl. I know that the Orange Bowl was hallowed ground.
    There was a time teams were scared to come to Miami. That intimidation was a big part of the swagger we need to have back, NOW!

  2. Josh Boule, Biggest Cane fan in N.Y., anyway. You can see by the reaction in the college football world, in fan forums, blogs, and in many sportswriter's analysis. The feeling that they get is Miami might be "back", and it not only enrages these people and many fanbases, but it has them afraid as well. That's when you'll get reminders about the Winsconsin game from these fans. When these people think of Miami, they think of everything Billy Corben's documentary brought to light, they're proclaiming Miami once was dirty, and "always" will be. These people can't come to grips with the fact that "thug u" no longer fits us. No, we haven't made it to a BCS bowl game or title in the past 8 years, but we will, and when we do, it will be with a graduation rate amongst the IVY leagues. Times change. The next 3 years belong to the []_[]….

  3. AllCanes, have been reading a lot today about the Nevin Shapiro Ponzi scheme and promised book. I am deeply disturbed from what I am hearing. The last few years it has been so gratifying to watch the Canes take steps forward under Shannon, and do it relatively cleanly. I believe this is the worst possible thing that could happen….the last thing this program needs is the NCAA snooping around. Even worse, the idea that scholarships and past wins/championships may, in theroy, be vacated leaves me feeling ill. I hope I am just jumping the gun here, and nothing substantial will come of it, but it has definitely put a huge damper on my mood which was so excited waiting for the season to kick off. Any insights or thoughts would be greatly appreciated

  4. PUMPED for Thursday night… can't wait to see my Canes in action. I hope we have a solid and encouraging game to get us prepped for Ohio State. Limit the dumb penalties and make sure to get all the X's and O's right. And hopefully Shannon has taken some classes this offseason on timeout management haha…

    All in all, so excited for the new season. Go Canes!!!

  5. BEAST,

    Please give your feedback on the Nevin Shapiro book…

    Is it all nonsense by a scumbag? What are you hearing??

  6. BEAST, Please give your feedback on the Nevin Shapiro book… Is it all nonsense by a scumbag? What are you hearing??

    Carl, not sure if Beast will touch on it, but regarding, we don't really feel this story deserves much attention now.

    If it becomes something big, then yes, it will be discussed.

    Right now you have a pissed off Bernie Madoff-type locked up in jail and looking to take people down. It was reported today that he also said he was going to to throw Shaq under the bus, to which the big man came out and said Shapiro was a fraud.

    Barry Jackson wrote a piece, attempting to be the first to break a story. Maybe he will, maybe he won't … but focusing on something like that right now seems a bit counterproductive four days from kickoff and with hopes high this year.

    Honestly, what's the worst that happens – Miami has to vacate wins from 2004-2006? We should BE so lucky!

    Seriously, Randy Shannon pushed this guy away from the program as soon as he was head coach and these allegations – if true – happened under Coker.

    Worry about FAMU and the 2010 season right now … not IF something might go down due to this jaded criminal with an agenda.