10-3 was simply not meant to be and Miami took a season-ending thumping en route 9-4.

Wisconsin rolled south with a matching 9-3 record, also looking for a tenth win and jockeying for preseason position next fall. I thought Miami would come in healthy and equally as motivated, putting together a complete game and getting the ‘W’. I was wrong.

“Swagger” became…

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The 2009 season officially comes to a close today regarding the Miami Hurricanes and either a 10-3 or 9-4 campaign. On paper, it’s a one-game swing, but in reality it’s all the difference in the world.

Winning or losing a bowl game; it sits with you all off-season. These Canes won’t take the field again for over eight months and you…

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Many apologies for my post-season disappearing act. Canes305 welcomed a baby girl into the world on December 2nd and as many of you can attest, it turns your world upside down.

There hasn’t been time to sleep, let alone to blog efficiently. During that time, a lot going on at ‘The U’ and time to play catch up. Let’s delve in.

… on…

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Urban Meyer is stepping down. Florida’s fifth-year head coach is calling it a career… for now.

Two national titles and a Heisman winner during his run. Two SEC titles and a 56-10 record, too. It was a hell of a ride for the Gators, but it’s over. UF faithful will deny it, but they’ll see in time. Lightning doesn’t strike twice.


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