Looks like our main man RustyUM98 is taking a temporary hiatus from the highlights business. Good news for us that our other friend 31spoonerstreet looks to have picked up where Rusty left off. 31 has cut up some great vids for allCanes in the past and we’re glad to post his highlights here in the blog. Enjoy… in HD, no less!

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A season-opening comeback win over Florida State was huge, as was the thriller against then-No. 8 Oklahoma.

Right after those ranks Saturday’s 31-10 beat down of South Florida, this year’s season finale in Tampa over a lesser program itching to crack the Sunshine State’s “Big Three”. Keep dreaming about the big time, Bulls.

South Florida fans were jacked for this one. The…

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South Florida got their wish; Miami is headed to town. The contract was inked a while back and the first of five meetings is underway.

The Bulls wanted a shot a notorious powerhouse and the Canes agreed, citing in-state rivalry and guaranteed warm weather late November as reasons for agreeing to the match up. Miami and South Florida both started strong…

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Thanksgiving wishes to the Taylor family. Crazy to think that Sean has been gone two years. Absolutely tragic, uncalled for and downright awful.

R.I.P, #26.

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Florida faithful are always quick to come up with excuses for why the Canes/Gators rivalry came to an end back in the late 80s, quickly bringing up their SEC schedule… yet never mustering up an answer for why Florida State remained on the schedule when Miami didn’t.

UF cites proximity while UM fans pointed to two national championships (’83 and ’87)…

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