A crazy 72 hours in Canestown, each new turn crazier than the next.

Many thought they saw it all when Miami’s coaching staff pissed away the final 2:41 minutes of the Emerald Bowl -18 plays amassing 17 yards, blowing the final timeout and utter chaos on the sidelines – with the game on the line.

A day and half later, offensive coordinator…

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Whether he was ‘let go’, fired or his contract simply wasn’t renewed, the Patrick Nix era is officially over in Miami. The Hurricanes finished 89th in total offense and are 12-13 since Nix took over calling offensive plays.

Of course this is only half the battle. Ridding the program of Nix is huge, but even bigger is his eventual replacement. Randy Shannon settled on…

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30 Dec 2008
Nix: Fired!

APNewsBreak: Miami fires offensive coordinator


CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) — Patrick Nix was fired Monday after two seasons as Miami’s offensive coordinator, the first significant shakeup to the Hurricanes this offseason.

Nix packed up his office Monday evening after a brief meeting with Miami coach Randy Shannon.

“It’s time to part ways, but I really enjoyed my time here,” Nix told…

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The more experienced, senior-heavy Cal Bears threw their best at Miami on Saturday night in the Emerald Bowl. Literally and figuratively.

Sporting a Heisman-candidate-in-the-making and a few big plays, the Bears were still in a dogfight with a young, inexperienced bunch of Canes who traveled the span of three time zones and were in it until the final moments. Those who…

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After all that, we’re down to one. One game. One chance. Even one quarterback. A crazy four-month journey, indeed.

The highs. The lows. Eking out a few wins in games that could’ve gone either way. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on other occasions. There’s been nothing easy about 7-5 this season for the Miami Hurricanes and a season-ending match…

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