It was only Charleston Southern. A team like Miami is supposed to unload a 45-point beatdown and shut down a team of that nature. Don’t get excited over this 52-7 win. Nothing to see here.

That’s what the critics will say Friday morning after the Miami Hurricanes made an opening game statement at their new home, Dolphin Stadium.

But for a program…

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I made a point to catch ESPN’s College Football Live earlier today, being the official kickoff of the season. During the show they have a segment called, “Sound Off” where some psycho fan can record a poorly shot video hyping their team, with the hopes it’s the one of thousands that will be broadcast live.

I’m definitely ready to ‘sound off’…

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I’ll start by saying I like Greg Cote. I always enjoyed his work with the Miami Herald and looked forward to his Friday NFL column with his Sunday picks and commentary, when I lived back east and got my sports info from the newspaper, instead of online.

That said, why he felt the need to chime in on the Robert Marve and Randy…

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Robert Marve isn’t the only player missing Thursday’s contest against Charleston Southern. Six more Canes were added to the list of pine-riders – Damien Berry, Kayne Farquharson, Eric Houston, Chris Ivory, Adewale Ojomo and Randy Phillips.

No official reasons were given, but offenses supposedly range from missed study hall or class, tardiness, improper cell phone use or any other rule Randy Shannon has implemented…

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Robert Marve is suspended for the season opener against Charleston Southern this coming Thursday.

The university hasn’t released an official statement, but rumor has it Marve shared the news with his high school coach and family members. This morning the story was confirmed by Barry Jackson at the Miami Herald.

The suspension is said to stem from an incident last Halloween in Coconut…

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