Edgerrin James was in store with the ‘real’ Baby J earlier. A few days back he ordered a custom-made #5 jersey for EJ Jr. and he wanted to show us how the little man looked all decked out in that Miami orange.

Check out the Canes jersey on this future NCAA record-setter. See you on campus in 16 or so years, Jr.

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My main man The Great Kartik chimed in last week regarding a Canes basketball season recap. I held on to it a few days as I didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle of the beginning of March Madness. With things settling down and the OT loss to Boston College in the rearview, it’s time to break down Miami…

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As much as I hate the play, I still get a sense of satisfaction when “The Call” is mentioned on national TV. The latest occurance was today on Cold Pizza, when sports journalist Skip Bayless mentioned it in regards to the Buckeyes getting away with one during March Madness.

Ohio State center Greg Oden threw an Xavier player to the floor in what…

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Forgive me if my keyboard shorts out. It’s all these tears I cry for poor olPacMan Jones. I just caught the ESPN Sunday night edition of SportsCenter and had to check my guide as the Jones’ piece had all the makings of an after school special. I’d love to know the bleeding heart who scripted and edited this piece of work.


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Fresh from a Nike rep, here’s a shot of the 2007 Miami Hurricanes football uniforms. Just a few aesthetic changes from last season. A stripe adorns the front/back of the jerseys over the numbers. (The last editon of the jerseys had a stripe underneath the numbers which some fans so affectionately called the “bra strap”.)

The pants also received an upgrade…

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