Rumors are swirling that Greg Olsen is NFL bound after the bowl game and won’t even stick around to find out who the next Miami head coach will be.

Part of me doesn’t blame Olsen. If I were 6’5″ and an athletic 252 lbs. I too would be frustrated with my lack of production in the Miami offense. Though there’s still a…

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I’m really curious to see how things play out with Greg Schiano. This thing has more suspense and drama built in than all of last year’s Hollywood blockbusters combined.

The Larry Coker era ended just under a week ago and not much has come out of New Jersey other than Schiano pledging his allegiance to his current program.

I’ve seen a lot of message…

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With all the negative press about the Miami coaching vacancy, it’s nice to see someone in the mainstream sticking up for the program.

Jimmy Johnson went on record recently as saying he’s been in touch with Miami pres Donna Shalala and that he’d do anything in his power to help The U in their search for a new head coach. Johnson almost seems…

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Does Randy Shannon really have a shot at being Miami’s next head coach? It depends who you ask. Paul Dee certainly thinks so. Reports out of Miami today are that Shannon is getting serious consideration for the top spot.

Personally, I don’t see it happening UNLESS all of The U’s other options result in dead ends. I think the top brass is throwing…

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With all this talk about Miami’s facilities, it prompted me to go back and look up a recent article in Men’s Health magazine.

In September 2006, The Rock was on the cover and there was a spread about Miami alum in the NFL who return to train at The U.

For those who have the mag, it’s on pages 162-168 or click here to check…

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