EveryGameCounts contacted me to go toe-to-toe with am FSU columnist in regards to Monday’s match up. Below is the article, reprinted with the permission of the EGC blog:

Under the Orange Bowl Lights: Don’t Underestimate the Canes
By: GUEST BLOGGER Chris Bello FROM allCanes.com

How can Miami/Florida State be next week? It feels like just a few months ago, The U was on the…

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Come Monday, ESPN is going to feature the Miami v. Florida State showdown harder than FOX news is covering the war in the Middle East.

For those who didn’t know, this game WILL NOT be on ABC as it was the past five seasons. ESPN has this one in 2006 on EVERY ONE of their stations. Check it out:


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We at allCanes believe we’ve come up with a real winner here. Our new “Respect It!” tee is now in stock. We created it over the summer and wanted to wait until Florida State week to debut it.

Anyone who watches the Canes, be it a diehard fan or the casual observer – everyone has seen our players throwing up the U…

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A few days ago we had this clip from 31SpoonerStreet on our homepage as a way to get the fan base jacked up for the big Miami and Florida State showdown on Labor Day.

We had to move it off the homepage to accomodate some other stuff, but it’s now in the blog, by popular demand.

Enjoy. If this 9:59 clip doesn’t…

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More disheartening news has broken on Ryan Moore’s latest off the field issue.

This morning the Miami Herald wrote that Moore’s altercation with a female patron outside the Rathskeller was a little more heated than originally reported.

Around 2:00am this past Saturday, Moore allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck, pushed her to the ground and eventually kicked her car door. He then…

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